This blog is a little like Star Wars in that, we are beginning somewhere in the middle.

A lot has happened to get us to where we are and we will include some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs as we get to know each other.

But we are where we are and we are here.

So welcome along to the rest of the journey. It is with great excitement that we will soon be ready to launch our new, great toy TIG- TAG.

We have had news that our first order is arriving soon, so the team are now planning the launch in time for Christmas.  But how do you launch a new toy?  We have read books, trawled the web and blogs,  have taken lots of photos, some very bad ones and a few good ones and we even grew a pumpkin to carve last year in readiness for this year.

We will be trying lots of different activities to get the brand out there and we will have to see what works best.   Please join us on our journey, you can then claim you were with us from the start!

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